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Elcir Solar Renewable Energy Project

Elcir sal is committed to global eco friendly manufacturing methods and to preserving the global environment as well as the local environment.

To reduce our carbon footprint on the planet we have successfully executed a renewable energy solar system at our HQ in Beirut Lebanon to help sustain our energy source and reduce our Eco waste by reducing fuel burn and consuming energy sources.

The project was co-funded by CEDRO – Country Entrepreneurship for Distributed Renewables Opportunities

UNDP supporting local enterprises

As a leading industrial enterprise, it’s our responsibility to preserve our local and global environments.


Saving of tons of CO2 emissions !

The projects is estimated to save around 154 Tons of CO2 emissions and up to 233 MWh per year !

This will definitely help our local eco system to recover from the waste management crisis and reduce the global warming rate, we encourage every enterprise to participate in their part of responsibility against their environments.


Solar system details